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Jenel & Didier Founders of Clever Tots Toy Club

Clever Tots Toy Club is an Irish membership based monthly toy rental service, that enables parents to introduce sustainable sourced and developmentally appropriate toys to their young children.

Created by husband-and-wife team Jenel and Didier, the concept of introducing a regular ‘toys for hire’ business came about after their son Orlando was born while the family were working abroad in Dubai. Realising just how expensive infant toys can be and the speed at which children can become bored of them, the couple searched for a more sustainable alternative.

Discovering a toy rental service was a welcome solution which Orlando really enjoyed. New toys would arrive every month to help keep him stimulated and support him in meeting his developmental milestones. Returning to Jenel’s home county of Cork in late 2020 on foot of the worldwide pandemic, the two resourceful parents missed the excitement surrounding their monthly delivery of toys and so set about forming their own Irish subscription service.

With a sense of personal responsibility to contribute to helping the environment for future generations to enjoy, Clever Tots Toy Club has sustainability at its core. The membership service consciously selects from a range of eco-friendly wooden toys and those made from recycled plastics, for little hands to explore.

The power of play cannot be under-estimated when it comes to young children. The Clever Tots Toy Club seeks to support parents in engaging in play that will help develop their child’s cognitive, emotional, physical and communication ability. All the toys provided through Clever Tots Toy Club have been selected from high quality, eco-friendly brands by Ollwyn Moran, Paediatric Neuro-developmental Expert and founder of Cognikids.

Most of all, Jenel and Didier want to provide a regular opportunity to parents to spend quality time and have fun playing with their children. With developmentally stimulating toys for children from 3-months to 36-months, Jenel and Didier are strong believers that engaged play is one of the most important building blocks in a child’s early life.

In January 2023, Jenel and Didier welcomed a baby girl Daisy Quinn to the family. Arriving just over 12 weeks early, she’s a little preemie miracle.

Ollwyn Moran, Paediatric Neurological Developmental Therapist


Ollwyn has over 25-years hands-on experience in the field of education and paediatric neuro-development. Ollwyn is completing a PhD in Child Development and also finds the time to lecture in NUI Maynooth, Trinity College Dublin, and Hibernia College. 

A trained secondary school teacher with a degree in Science and a Masters in Education, Ollwyn has worked as a Neurological Developmental Therapist for over 20-years. Her core work focuses on supporting children with additional needs and behavioural challenges. Ollwyn helps to identify any gaps in their key brain building block development and provides therapeutic solutions to create new opportunities for these vital brain connections to take place. 

Ollwyn’s credentials as our Clever Tots Toy Club expert don’t stop here. Ollwyn is also the founder Cognikids and the innovative brain behind the patented, multi-award winning infant developmental aids – Crawl, Sooth, Grip, Sip and Dip. The Cognikids product range is perfectly designed to support the development of gross and fine motor skills during a baby’s key milestone stages, from crawling to independent feeding. 

Ollwyn and her Cognikids product range have won themselves some celebrity fans too in recent years. Food and fitness mogul Joe Wicks and mum of two Vogue Williams love to use the intuitive products with their little ones.

Perhaps most importantly, Ollwyn is a mum herself, to two wonderful teenage boys whom she has raised single handedly for almost all of their lives. Ollwyn’s experience as a child educator, neuro-developmental therapist, innovator, and parent, make her uniquely qualified to handpick the best developmentally appropriate toys for the Clever Tots Toy Club monthly membership. 

Ollwyn shares her love for Clever Tots Toy Club: 

“I wish the Clever Tots Toy Club concept had been around when my two boys were young. The idea of receiving age-appropriate toys designed to stimulate and encourage their developmental needs, delivered straight to my door is awesome. Babies and toddlers experience more new brain connections and growth during their first three years of life than at any other time. It can be hard as a busy parent to spot when they are ready for the next stage of development, never mind making sure you have the right toys to hand.”

“It’s not just about having the right toys though; it’s knowing the best ways to show and encourage interaction with these and our little ones. We all want our children to be the best version of themselves, and our role as parents is to provide them with as many fun learning opportunities through play so that they can achieve this. The Clever Tots Toy Club monthly subscription delivery provides the right toys at the right time, with a guide showing the different ways you can play with them to help your little one’s fine and gross motor skills, social, cognitive and emotional development.”

“Of course, the fact that the Clever Tots Toy Club is a more sustainable and cleaner solution for the toy overwhelm that can overcome parents, children, and playrooms, is an added bonus. The membership is an ideal gift to give to a child, and a practical solution for parents’ keen to help the environment. Both parents and children will enjoy the monthly excitement of a new toy box arriving to their door, while the old ones are collected to be cleaned and go to a new home. This idea of conscious sharing is something that also benefit the little toy club members, feeding into their social developmental needs.”